“I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by books and to have doting parents who read
to me regularly. I strongly believe this resulted in my lifelong love of reading. I also strongly believe that reading empowered me to do things I otherwise may never have attempted. If you can read, you can learn how to do anything.”

Building Bridges with Books provides gently used books to children who do not have regular access to them. Our mission is for donated books to build bridges to promising and meaningful futures for children. The goal and hope of the program is for the books to cultivate a love and passion for reading that will empower children to be anything they want to be.

Although most communities have libraries, children are reliant on adults to bring them to places and to provide them with things like books. Building Bridges with Books wants to ensure that as many children as possible have regular access to as many books as possible, without having to rely on an adult to take them somewhere. We work with foster care and social agencies and reach out to communities to find children who need books, and we personally drop them off. We promise that every book donated will land in the hands of a child and will, in some way, positively impact their life.

We accept gently used (appropriate) books for children of all ages. Donated books can be dropped off, picked up (when possible), or shipped. We have volunteers in Massachusetts and southern California who are able to assist with drop offs, pick-ups and deliveries. For other areas, contact us and we’ll do our best to find local agencies in your area that would love your books.
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